New Contacts Make Me Dizzy

It’s amazing what kind of lessons can apply to business. For instance I got new contacts today for the very first time in my life! That all great, but I had no idea that they would make me dizzy. In fact, I hear tell that my eyeballs won’t be used to them for about three days! Yikes. If I had been a big business person with important meetings, events, and the such, being sea sick for three day would not have been the best idea.

So with that said here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Make sure you know what you’re getting into and all that it includes (at least as much as you can)
  2. Think about how it may affect your business – even if it is a physical or personal thing it can have a large impact, but don’t put off doing something that needs done, just prepare for it so there’s minimal impact
  3. Try to be prepared in case something sneaks up on you

One Response to New Contacts Make Me Dizzy

  1. Jonathann S. says:

    My contacts make me vVERY dizzy, unfortunately my insurance just ended because I just turned 19yrs old. When I first got them I was lightheaded and feeling detached, I don’t have time to be dizzy/light headed, most people don’t so switching to contacts was not a good idea.

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